Complicating Poly: Beyond Mainstream Narratives of Polyamory
Mainstream literature on polyamory is generally devoid of political, intersectional analysis. The focus of most poly lit is the individual and the responsibility of the individual to manage their own feelings. There is no recognition of how things like jealousy, self-worth, communication and the ability to set boundaries are impacted by our social locations. There is no consideration of how power dynamics and oppressive systems affect our ability to ‘do’ poly and do it well.
This workshop aims to complicate poly by considering it along with gender, mental health and other social locations. It aims to offer reflections and considerations that will empower, support and lead us toward a more political, interdependent and just vision of polyamory.
At VenusEnvy (1598 Barrington St). More info on the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/384581518406615/