Wrestling with God and Men
Steven Greenberg is known as the first openly gay Orthodox Jewish rabbi. He is a Senior Teaching Fellow and Director of Diversity Project at CLAL : the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership; winner of the Koret Jewish Book Award for Philosophy and Thought; and a founder of Eshel, a support organization for Orthodox gay Jews. He participated in Trembling before G-d, a film about gay men and women in the Orthodox world.
His writings are controversial among other Orthodox rabbis and academics, but he continues to explore the rationales behind the prohibition of sex between men in the biblical, rabbinic, and medieval Jewish literature, finding that each rationale offers a framework for reconsidering the law.
He is a dynamic and internationally known speaker on the topic of LGBT inclusion in Jewish communities.
Rabbi Greenberg lives in Boston with his husband and daughter.
Here's the poster for the event
Location : Halifax Central Library