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Out Late: A double bill It’s never too late to come out… right?

At The Halifax Fringe Festival (Atlantic Fringe) August 31st – September 10th

Running time: 70 minutes; Comedy/Drama; Mature Themes; Location: Plan B 2180 Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Ticket Price: $10; Visit atlanticfringe.ca for ticket information and showtimes.

Halifax, N.S. – August 19th, 2017. Two back to back shows about coming out in mid-life.

No Gold Star (@nogoldstar) Written and Performed by Alison Lynne Ward (8 Monkeys Productions) Co-created by Tara Travis (Monster Theatre) Vancouver, BC.

This new play in creation is the unofficial sequel to Alison’s hit "1/4 Life Crisis" (“Revealing, relatable and had the audience falling out of their chairs with laughter…” Plank Magazine, TO). True to her signature style, Alison's autobiographical tale of becoming a late-blooming lesbian is fabulously frank and candid, with moments of poignancy amid the laughs. Don't miss this inspiring show about finding truth in the first day of the rest of your life.

Unexpectedly Trans ( facebook.com/Unexpectedly-Trans) Written and Performed by Hanlon McGregor? and Mihaly Szabados. Story by Hanlon McGregor?. Toronto, ON.

Gina, 40-year-old married mother of two, begins a transition from hetero-seeming woman to identify as Dan, a queer, trans father. He must come out to his partner of 15 years, his children, aged 5 and 7, his family and his community. Both big and small hearts are challenged, and there are all the feels. The play highlights the real-life daily awkwardness of riding the TTC, shopping at the Eaton Centre with kids - while trans.