Red Ribbon Rally in support of the AIDSCoalition
Taking place at the Halifax Common.
4 to 5 p.m.
OBEY XII: Gay Guerrilla - Julius Eastman at Halifax Central Library, Room 301
The late Julius Eastman was a queer, black composer based primarily in downtown NYC. Brilliant, inspired, provocative and enigmatic, Eastman passed away in 1990 after facing homelessness and battling drug addiction. In the years since his passing, his work has been preserved and performed by a number of high profile musicians, festivals and institutions, after having been considered largely lost to history. This program features Mary Jane Leach, composer, peer, friend and de facto Eastman scholar, exploring the legacy of this complicated artist.
Facilitation for the event will be provided by Nivie Singh on behalf of We Are Missing, a collaborative community project centering QTBIPOC programming and celebrating queer liberation in K'jipuktuk / Halifax. Information via the Facebook event.