7 to 9 p.m.
Introduction to Transmisogyny with Fae Johnstone at VenusEnvy
Trans communities, like all communities, exist within intersections of privilege and marginalization. While we all too often homogenize these experiences, it is crucial that we acknowledge the ways in which privilege and oppression shape the everyday realities of different folks under the trans umbrella. This workshop will discuss the ways in which transmisogyny - the hatred and fear of trans women and transfeminine folks - permeates society. We will discuss how transmisogyny works in our society, the explicit and subtle ways in which it enacts itself, how individuals can work to confront and combat transmisogyny, and work in solidarity with trans women and transfeminine folks. This workshop will strive to address this topic from an intentional, intersectional and anti-oppressive approach.
The workshop registration cost is $20 (full price) - $10 (student/limited income). Please preregister in shop or online.