HalifaxGayMensChorus Open Rehearsal at FirstBaptistChurch, 1300 Oxford Street
An open rehearsal for anyone who might be interested in joining the chorus.
We are open and welcoming to ANYONE who is interested in joining who identifies as queer (this includes cis men, bi, trans, pan, asexual, questioning etc.) and sings in a male vocal range.
A male voice would be anyone who is tbb (tenor, bass, baritone also known as lower voices) so unfortunately people who sing soprano, alto and mezzo soprano would not be included in our repertoire.
This rehearsal is meant for new perspective members to get together with current members and meet, mingle and share community through song! Even if your not sure about joining, or even if your interested in supporting us in other ways, we would LOVE to have you join!
If you are not a queer tbb vocalist and still wish to support the choir as a volunteer, financially or in other ways please contact us on social media or our website to find out ways you can pitch in!
Absolutely NO formal music training is required, and whether you are a strong vocalist or just starting out we have members of all different levels of experience. So come on out to sing a song and socialize with other members of Halifax’s queer community!
More info on Facebook.