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< ; 1996 : (Ross: No. 9)


> ; 1996 : (Ross: No. 9) We got posters made to go up in the buses - "Pride Not Prejudice" - some spares of which are in the RossBoutilier collection in the NS LGBT Archives.

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History Of Pride Celebrations In Halifax

August 19, 1973
The Gay Alliance For Equality holds a "gala picnic" at Paddy's Head (near Peggy's Cove). Ten people enjoyed hot dogs, toasted marshmallows and floating around in an inflatable rubber dinghy (dubbed the "S.S. Zelco Queen".)
About 200 people marched through Halifax when the Gay Alliance for Equality hosted the sixth national conference of the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Rights Coalition. Contemporary documents do not refer to this protest as a Pride march but some who were in attendance consider it to be one. LynnMurphy says our first Pride March.
Notes and memories here.


Pride March July 1st. Ross says Parade No. 1, 75 people, five with brown paper bags over their heads.
Notes and memories here.
Theme: Right To Be Proud Pride Week June 24th to July 1st. (Ross: No.2)
Video and memories here.
Theme: We are Family June 23rd - July 2nd. MauraDonovan count: 110, plus or minus 10. " "Hey hey, ho ho, homophobia's got to go." Parade Marshall: Winnipeg's openly gay mayor Glen Murray. Big party at Rumours afterward. Chant sheet has references to Buchanan, Leefe, and their Gory Tory buddies. (Ross: No.3)
Theme: Growing Out Of Bounds June 22-30th, Pride Day June 22nd. ShirtlessnessDebate begins that Saturday night. Chairs: TerryMartin & KristenMacRoberts?. Community Award Winners: Community Contribution: MauraDonovan & EricSmith; Outstanding Rumours Staff: Barb; Outstanding GALA Member: PatDingle?; Outstanding Cultural Contribution: LoriMeserve; Long Term Contribution: LynnMurphy; Friend of the Community: JoannMartell? & St John's United Church; Moth Ball Award (for the person or organization who has done their most to keep g/ls in the closet): Concerned Parents of Cape Sable Island; Lavender Diesel: Premier Donald Cameron. In Halifax, about 140 marched, chanted and cheered on a June 22. Parade Marshall EricSmith. Fourth year in a row the Parade has been held. [all info from GAEZETTE July/August 1991] (Ross: No. 4)
Single page of photos and captions in the July/August GAEZETTE. June 27. Codco. Halifax Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Video & Film Festival. "Thanks to Bill for the great Pride Week Logo" (a triangle over a Maple Leaf, reproduced there) Pride March photos by DavidMorris?. DanielMacKay & NorvalCollins on motorcycles. [No counts or article in GAEZETTE July/August 1992] (Ross: No. 5)
June cover of GAEZETTE, pride parade, drawn by BenKozak. Planned events in the June issue: Peggy's Film Festival, reading by Audrey Butler. On Pride Day, Hon. Marshalls, GayLine, chants led by the Scotia Seven, "For the first time, Rumours will stay open until 3:00am". Reception co-sponsored by Rumours and Studio Lounge. Tightrope marshalling and open house later. Friends of Safe Harbour MCC hold a panel discussion moderated by AlStewart, including wiccan BrendaBarnes, ordained minister DarleneYoung, Anglican layman George Munro. Vespers held June 27th. CKDU All Day, All Gay. (Ross: No. 7)
About 300 people in Parade [Pers Corr, July 4 1994 DanielMacKay] MauraDonovan recollects 600. (Ross: No. 7)
Committee: LynnMurphy (chair) Angela Berrette [DanielMacKay, pers. corr Angela Berrette] (Ross: No. 8)
(Ross: No. 9) We got posters made to go up in the buses - "Pride Not Prejudice" - some spares of which are in the RossBoutilier collection in the NS LGBT Archives.
(Ross: No. 10)
June 27. Chair: JaneKansas with LesConnors? as Parade Coordinator. DanielMacKay gets involved because the Pride web page on Chebucto is vexingly out of date. Turret Reunion. Peggy's Film Festival. Merchandise Bingo, Micmac Friendship Center. Dan Savage. FrontRunners? morning run. Ecumenical Pride Service @ Brunswick United. (Ross: No. 11)
Chair: DanielMacKay. 26 June. Daily News reported 500, Pride observer counted and recounted 650, another counted about 300 bystanders. Planning for Pride started only nine weeks before. Marshall: Tinky Winky1 2 days of CKDU All-Day All Gay Programming. Lavender Diesel Award: UNB Faculty of Law. (Ross: No. 12)
Friday, June 23, 2000 to Friday, June 30, 2000. Pride Day: June 24, 2000
Board: Chair: DanielMacKay.
Events: EGALE/Pride Fun(d)Raising BBQ. East Coast Bears Brunch. TerryMartin Memorial Scholarship BBQ. Proclamation & Flag Raising. Womyn's Night. Youth Pride BBQ AidsCoalition Open Meeting. Day At The Beach. Gay & Lesbian Films. Closing party at the Prince George Hotel.
Dan & NorvalCollins attend the Canadian Pride Organizers conferene in Montreal. Letter of greetings from Al Gore, Vice President of the USA, "Tipper joins me in thanking you for your commitment to our nation and its fundamental values of inclusion, opportunity, and respect for every individual. Please accept our warmest regards."
(Ross: No. 13)


Theme: A Pride Odyssey. "This year marks the 20th year of the AIDS epidemic."
Team: Chairs: DanielMacKay & Lori Clifford. Media: ColinLake & RossBoutilier. Logo, "Prideful People" by SamMeehan
Awards: Grand Marshall: ISCANS represented by CameronBallard and StudioXLeNoir?. Community Service awards: KimVance & DrBobFredrickson.
Events: Mayor PeterKelly? reading Pride Week Proclamation & flag raising. CKDU All Day, All Gay organized by StaceyWillick?. "Splash" harbour cruise on the Harbour Queen. FamilyPrideCampingAssociation BBQ in Point Pleasant Park. SafeHarbourChurch Pride Service. YouthProject BBQ. Book reading at VenusEnvy: Darren Greer reading from his book Tyler's Cape and Nancy Rodriguez reading from her book Throw it to the River at the Halifax Public Library
Numbers: about 600 in the Parade, as many again waiting for us at Sackville Landing.
Notes and memories here.
(Ross: No. 14)
Week: July 14 - 21st. Parade: July 20 - Moved to July for several reasons.
Board: Chairs: BobFirthTessier? & MikeDaviesCole. YoungGayAmerica do extremely successful public relations.
Police count 2000 at the parade; maybe 500 waiting for us at Sackville Landing.
Awards: CerinaRomanoffBlake / Sheldon is Halifax PrideAmbassador I. Grand Marshall: MarcHall?.
New York Police Department Cops. The Daily News wrote on July 21, 2002 Burly New York City cops aren't the typical image of gay men (that guy in the Village People aside). But yesterday, a group of New York's finest lead moms, drag queens and bikers wearing chaps but little else through the streets of Halifax."
Events: RaymondTaavel recreates "Peggy's Film Festival" as Reel Pride with about 120 people each night. Ambassador I show at Legion Hall on Cunard St. Leather To Lace photo exhibit at VenusEnvy. Flag Raising at Grand Parade. Halifax Queer History Club meeting at the Killam Library Courtyard organized by DanielMacKay. Bimbo Bingo at ReflectionsCabaret. Queer As Film Night hosted by GlennWalton. Queen Size S.H.A.G. at the KhyberClub. Reading Out Loud hosted by JaneKansas. Women's Dance at the Halifax Civic Worker's Club. Steers, Queers & Beers at the ToolBoxEast. Bear Pride Dinner at PineausCafe. Splash II harbour tour on the Harbour Queen. Free BBQ at ClubNrg. Men's Pride Swim @ Halifax YWCA. Pride Week Family BBQ, Point Pleasant Park organized by MauraDonovan. SafeHarbourChurch's Pride Service. YoungGayAmerica produce a photo exhibition, Exuberance! 120-150 at the Family Pride BBQ in Point Pleasant Park. Website creation by GillianWellmann?.
(Ross: No. 15)
Week: July 13th - 20th. Day: July 19th. Theme: Show Your Colours
Board: Chairs: RaymondTaavel and KaraRedden. Board: GregNepean.
Events: March 1, 2003 Sleigh Ride at Montague Estates, Dartmouth. Pride Week Opening Party Mardi Gras Ball I. Proclamation by Mayor PeterKelly?. YearsOfPride reception for community pioneers, at the Halifax Club. BluenoseBears dinner at PineausCafe. 10th Annual Women's Pride Dance @ McInnes? Room, Dal. OINK II, Biker Pigs for Pride! 2nd Annual Family Pride BBQ. Queer Comedy Night @ Tribeca. Dyke Night @ SeaDogsSauna. Reel Pride film night at the Lecture Hall of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, with about 130 people each night. Reading Out Loud II hosted by JaneKansas. RyanStevens / NatasshaNlott is Halifax PrideAmbassador II Show at Royal Canadian Legion, Cogswell St. Downtown merchants are challenged to a Window Decorating Contest.
As Chair at the AGM in November, Raymond said, "A year of firsts: Spring Garden Rd. doubled numbers, half dozen tractor-trailers. Acquired and walked a section of the Rainbow 25 Flag. Regional and national poster campaign (Ambassador in the VW at Spring Garden & Queen); posters went all over the country. Website was, as always, a major communication tool. MauriceMichaud? was our webmaster for 2003. Print and electronic media profiled us substantially this year. First ever queer comedy night. Two night queer film festival, an art show, and a reception at the Halifax Club celebrating the veterans of the community. We've received lots of positive feedback from the community which will guide future committees. "
Awards: Grand Marshalls: Kevin Bourassa, Joe Varnell, Nicky and Sue Perkins. Parade numbers 4000, close to 10,000 spectators, landing approx 5000.
Mainstream Media: TheCoast July 13, 2003 issue has Your Special Gay about marriage, with EllenVeniot? and MartinaChandler? and a history article by JaneKansas, Queer Through The Years with quotes by DanielMacKay, RossBoutilier, KimVance and SamMeehan. ChronicleHerald July 5, 2003 article Same-sex marriage activists chosen to lead Pride Parade
(Ross: No. 16)


July 11th-18th. Day: July 17th. Theme: "This Way out"
Board: Chairs: JayThordarson and CalandraSmith?. Board: JanPaynter, Events; TracieDickey?, Sponsorship; JamieONeil?, Marketing; IanCrowe, Treasurer; Ambassadors: CerinaRomanoffBlake, Ryan Stevens, KaraRedden. Members at large: RaymondTaavel, NorvalCollins, DanielMacKay, KathyKaulbeck?, ColinQuigley?.
Awards: Grand Marshall: EldonHay. KaraRedden is PrideAmbassador III. Vanguard Award: BernadineLapointe?, BobFougere. Lavender Diesel: MikeVelemirovich?, Hillcrest Volkswagen.
Events: BernadineLapointe? creates Dykes Vs Divas softball game which gets over 600 spectators. DawnSloane Celebrity Roast. Men's Dinner at PineausCafe. RaymondTaavel creates Garden Tour with three gardens & 85 visitors. Reel Pride III with about 40 people each night. Chef's Pride dinner for two raffle, created by RaymondTaavel, 100 tickets sold. Comedy Night created by RaymondTaavel @ VorTex with CathyJones?, approx 250 people. Reading Out Loud III. Ambassador III. 3rd Annual FamilyPrideCampingAssociation picnic in Point Pleasant Park.
Parade: Police Counts: almost 6000 people in the parade; 10-15,000 spectators, 5,000 people at Sackville Landing! Special guests: Mr Lahey & Randy from Trailer Park Boys, who came out as lovers in the last year. Some pics on line at
Budget $26,000. Income & Expense Report
(Ross: No. 17)


Week: July 18th - 24th. Theme: "Proud Halifax Pride". Pride Parade Day: July 23rd.
Board: Chair: JayThordarson and TinaWalsh. Events Coordinator: JanPaynter; Marketing: BrynJonesVaillancourt?. Ambassadors: KaraRedden, HarmonyAngel, RyanStevens. Parade Coordinator: RaymondTaavel. Public Relations: DavidMacMillan. Sponsorship: MikeBeaucage? Volunteer Coordinator: ChrisRacine?. Webmaster: MauriceMichaud?. Other Board: LaurieBryson?, IanCrowe, NorvalCollins, LeonKeyes?, DanielMacKay, LisaPottie?, RaymondTaavel.
Events: Dykes Vs. Divas baseball game has 1200 spectators. WetSpot?: The Party for LBQTT women and their allies @ Stage Nine. Halifax Womyn's 12th Annual Pride Dance. RuPaul and CarolePope perform. Comedy Night @ ReflectionsCabaret with MaryEllenMcLean?, emcee RougeFatale, performers KaraRedden, JanPaynter, CandyPalmater, TimHumphries?, ChuckGillis, MichaelBest, CharlesHseun?, approx 250 people. Dykes vs. Divas on the Diamond Baseball Game. Pride Ambassador show, Parade and Comedy Night. RuPaul performing live at ReflectionsCabaret!!! Reel Pride with 80-90 people each night, with local filmmakers GlennWalton, JimMacSwain and AlecButler?. Chef's Pride dinner for two raffle, approx 60 tickets sold. Morning Worship at StJohnsUnitedChurch led by Rev. EldonHay. 2nd Annual Garden Tour, four gardens of south end homes, organized by NorvalCollins. Canadian Auto Workers march in Parade, organized by KevinBanfield?. SafeHarbourChurch Pride Service.
Awards: NatasshaNlott is PrideAmbassador IV. Parade Grand Marshall: SeanForeman.
Police Counts: 4000 people in the parade, 7- 10000 spectators lining the route. "The Eunuch Unit" contingent led by RichardWassersug.2 Confetti popgun shorts out electrical power to a lot of downtown for over an hour.3 Some pics on line at
Budget $37,000. Budget Report
HRM Event Costs $7000, RuPaul $16360 + 240 + 600, Events Guide Production + Insertion $5200, Merchandise $1800, Sackville Landing Production: $4750, Parade Police $1700, Graphic Design $1350, Honorariums $1000, Sackville Landing Food + BBQ Rental $850, Piper $400, Volunteers $250, Direct Parade Costs $500. General Admin and Marketing costs were $5500 more than expected. Total $42460. Projected Income: Sponsorship $27385, Comedy Night $836, Chef's Pride $220, Reel Pride $500, T-Shirts $500, YouthProject Fundraiser $907. Budget shortfall of $14000 as of a meeting in July.
"ClubNrg not permitted within the Halifax Pride Parade PERIOD."4
Some media clippings here
(Ross: No. 18)
Week: July 16th - 23rd. Parade Day: July 22nd. Theme: "Community"
Board: Chairs: HugoDann & PatrickDaigle.
Events: We hosted the 2006 InterPride Conference, the conference of the Canadian branch of the international association of Pride organizers. Reception moved from the waterfront to the Halifax Commons. Proud art! Youth Art Exhibit. Outdoor screening of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert at Electropolis. Dykes vs Divas game. YouthProject GSI - Gender Scene Investigation. Reel Out! Film Fest. Play: Cul-De-Sac by DanielMacIvor and DanielBrooks?. Tall Ship Silva Queer Open Deck Party. Reading Out Loud with JoeyComeau?, HugoDann, DanielMacIvor, MaryEllenMacLean? and many more with host JaneKansas. Out Run 5K run. Faeries on the Ferry, picnic on Dartmouth Commons. This Ain't Your Typical Rose Garden Tour.
Firsts: A letter from the Premier; Police marching (with Colour Guard); Out Run; Interfaith Service; Concert on the Common; Lunchtime Lectures; Health Forums; Tourism Industry Meeting; successful fundraising for LGB YouthProject and ACNS
Awards: LindsayWillow was Grand Marshall, and "Pennies For Lindsay" an initiative of the Youth Project, raised several thousand dollars to support legal costs incurred by Lindsay during her human rights challenge.
A number of politicians attended, including Liberal leadership candidates ScottBrison? & HedyFry?.
Overall attendance? Police crowd estimates: 30,000 for the parade and 8-10 thousand for the Commons. Some pics on line at
(Ross: No. 19)
Week: July 14th - 22nd. Pride Day: 21st.
Board: Chairs: MichaelDaviesCole? & TamaraMatheson?; LeeAnnePoole, Events; RaymondTaavel, Media/PR.
Events: Bicycle ride with the Bent Rims, organized by GetOutHalifax. Dykes vs. Divas baseball game. Proclamation & Flag Raising. LGB YouthProject events: Art Show at the KhyberClub, Open Mic & Variety Show, GSI: Gender Scene Investigation, Dance at the KhyberClub. Noon time lecture series: Homophobia in Sport with CatherineMeade; Activism: The Next Generation with KevinKindred; The Other Cheek: Equality rights and religious rights by ElaineCraig?, Dalhousie constitutional law prof. Book launch: The Skin Beneath by NairneHoltz? and A Softer World by JoeyComeau?. SheDogs presents: Pussy Playhouse, bathhouse for women & transfolks at SeaDogsSauna. Reading Out Loud with JaneKansas. Out Run! Interfaith Prayer Service on the commons, hosted by SafeHarbourChurch. OUTBid! Halifax Pride Silent Auction with RyanMcGrath? & The Wooden House. This Ain't Your Typical Rose Garden Tour of lgbt owned home gardens in the south end. OUTrageous! A night of queer comedy.
April 23, 2007 ChronicleHerald story reports that mayor PeterKelly? plans to attend the parade.
Some pics on line at
Budget $45,000. Income & Expense Report
(Ross: No. 20)


Week: July 20 - 27, 2008. Theme & Logo: 20 Years Proud 08; logo was a riff on NS license plate with the numbers 20 YRS PRD 08 and the slogan, 'Canada's Ocean Gayground.' Pride Day: July 26.
Board: Chair: HugoDann, Vice Chair: LizMcQuaid?.
Rainfall stats for the previous eight years were researched by AndyHewlett? who recommended the last Saturday of July or the first Sunday of August.
Parade followed the route of the Holiday Parade of Lights down the length of Barrington and up Spring Garden Road. Good weather and the new route brought record numbers out. Estimated attendance at Parade: 40,000 (some have suggested 50,000); at Concert & Community Fair: 12,000.
Awards: Grand Marshalls: MikeSangster?, Board Chair for the ACNS, and LeighannWichman, Executive Director of the Youth Project.
Events: New events included Under the Big Top, a Songwriters' Circle at Garrison Grounds, produced by RyanMacGrath. 5th Annual Dykes vs Divas Softball Game. 2nd Homo Hopper Tour on the Harbour Hopper. Proclamation & Flag Raising. Games & BBQ at the YouthProject. A Tribute To Elton John at the Music Room produced by Angels & Heroes with IanSherwood?, ChristinaMartin?, RyanMacGrath, AndreaCurry?, StewartLegere?, AnnDoyle? and RichieWilcox. NSRAP Lecture Series with lectures by MattNumer?, CatherineMeade, JennNearing?, KevinKindred. Atlantic Film Festival Fresco Film Some Like It Hot. Reading Out Loud VII. Pride Ceilidh produced by RyanMacGrath. WetSpot? at The Argyle, produced by SimonThibault and DJ Ro. Ladie's Night Paddle in the harbour. YouthProject Talent Night and GSI: Gender Scene Investigation. SheDogs Pussy Playhouse IV at SeaDogsSauna. Family Pride Picnic at the Dartmouth Sportsplex. Queer Comedy Night at the Delta Halifax.
Attendance was up for all events, such as Reading Out Loud & TimeOut? lecture series.
(Ross: No. 21)
Week: July 19 - 26, 2009. Pride Day: July 25.
Board: Started out as Chair: HugoDann, Vice Chair: LizMcQuaid?; Dann stepped down in June due to health concerns, and EdSavage and McQuaid? became co-chairs.
Events: 6th Annual Dykes vs Divas Softball Game Proclamation & Flag Raising. Artsy Fartsy: Queer Youth Art Show at FRED. Trans & Gender Queer Sleepover at the YouthProject. Youth Talent Show at FRED. SheDogs women's bathhouse. Reading Out Loud with readings by StewartLegere?, RyanMacGrath and RandallPerry. Annapolis Valley Wine Tour. Tall Ship Silva Pride Boat Cruise. Under The Big Top Songwriters Circle hosted by RyanMacGrath.
2009-06-02 Halifax Pride Gets Hallmark Status. Parade: nonconfirmed: 60,000
Pride undergoing a complete rebranding as Atlantic Canada's Largest LGBTQ Cultural Event.
(Ross: No. 22)
Co-Chairs: LizMcQuaid? & EdSavage. Week: July 17th - 26th. Pride Day: July 24th. Four "timeOUT" lectures at SGR Library with 30-50 each one; 70 people in the city's first Dyke March (photos here.) (Ross: No. 23)
July 17-24, 2011, logo/Theme - 'Better Together'
Co-Chairs: EdSavage, TanyaBloomfield; Secretary: AdamNoble?; Treasurer: ClaudiaLegg?; Entertainment Coordinator LizMcQuaid?; Community Fair Coordinator: KimberlyFowlow?; Sponsorship Coordinator: MarionSteele?; Queer Acts Festival Coordinator: AdamReid?; Fundraising Coordinator: ColinHebb?; Parade Coordinator: PaulForrest?; Volunteer Coordinator: KathyWalsh?; Communications Coordinator: NathanBoudreau?; Merchandise Coordinator: KristaSnow?; Other Directors: SusanSangster?, TrentSlaunwhite?. Added later: Co-Chair LizMcQuaid? replaces Tanya; Communications: AncelLangille?; Entertainment chair: KenMurray?. Award winners - Neville MacKay? - Parade Grand Marshall.
Events - Halifax Pride hosted the Fierte Canada Pride (FCP) conference in March, 2011/Dykes vs Divas Ball Game, 2,400 people, Queer Acts Theatre, NSRAP Lunchtime Lecture Series, first Sponsors' Reception, Province House and City Hall Rainbow Flag raised, CBC participates for the first time in the Parade, first 'Kids Can' area on site with 75 children attending; police count on parade route - 80,000! (Ross: No. 24)
Videos of the parade by RegGiles
January 17, 2011
Registry of Joint Stock Companies lists directors: TrentSlaunwhite?, NathanBoudreau?, SusanSangster?, KristaSnow?, PaulForrest?, EdSavage, TanyaBloomfield, AdamNoble?, ClaudiaLegg?, LizMcQuaid?, AdamReid?, ColinHebb?, KathyWalsh?, MarionSteele?, RossBoutilier
October 13, 2011: 2011 AGM elects TamiMeredith?, AdamNoble?, EricSangster?, KenMurray?, TamVivian?, BlaireChapman?, JennaNelson?, FrankBuzanson? & KathyWalsh?. The minutes of this meeting are in the 2012 AGM Report
Dates: July 20-29, 2012, Pride Day Saturday July 28, 2012. Parade Route
Board: Co-Chairs: KristaSnow? & Edsavage. Treasurer: ClaudiaLegg?; Secretary: AdamNoble?; Sponsorship: MarionSteele?; Volunteer/Communications: KathyWalsh?; Queer Acts Festival: AdamReid?; Entertainment: KenMurray?; Fundraising: ColinHebb?; Merchandise: KristaSnow?; Alcohol Sales & Compliance: SusanSangster?; Other members: PaulForrest?, EricSangster?, TrentSlaunwhite?.
June 14, 2012: 2012 PrideCommittee Bylaw Changes are discussed, amended, and approved at a public meeting.
October 11, 2012: Annual General Meeting; reports here
(Ross: No. 25)
Dates: July 21st-28th, 2013. Pride Day Saturday, July 27, 2013.
Financial Statements here
Christopher Daniel Joseph Scullino, charged with 2013 Pride Theft faced three charges after more than $16,000 went missing. He didn't show up for a May, 2014 court date in Halifax. On November 25, 2015 Scullino was arrested and charged with credit card fraud in Calgary5
(Ross: No. 26)
September 17, 2013 AGM elects seven new community membersto the board: WillemBlois? (Logistics), HeatherGreen? (Entertainment), AnthonyJonesVaillancourt? (Treasurer), GaidhealMcIntyre? (Fundraising), MarkMonk? (Volunteer Coordination), TimMurphy? (Vice-Chair), and DylanWhite? (Communications). Returning members completing their two year term include PaulForrest? (Secretary/Parade), MarionSteele? (Sponsorship), AdamReid? (Queer Acts), and RamonaWestgate? (Chair).
PrideHealth did a video.
(Ross: No. 27)
January 22, 2014
Halifax Pride has an office at 2151 Gottingen Street!, above the Guardian Pharmacy at Cornwallis.
(Ross: No. 28)
Thursday July 16, 2015 to Sunday July 26, 2015. Parade Saturday July 25, 2015.
(Ross: No. 29)
(Ross: No. 30) July 19, 2017 to July 24, 2017.
Board: Chair: MorganManzer?; Vice-Chair: KarinaFurlan?; Secretary: PaulForrest?; Members at large: SheaPeach?; DylanWhite?; EllenDavis?; GeorgieDudka?; KristaSnow?; NivieSingh?; SkySmith?. Staff: Exec Director: AdamReid?; Logistics Coordinator: FionaKerr?. Volunteer leads: Social Media Coordinator: Emma Robertson; Media Liaison: NickVoutour?; Youth Coordinator: WilliamBabstock?; Volunteer Coordinator: TristanTenBrinke?; ParadeCoordinator?: DavidDuplisea?; Fundraising Coordinator: JohnTheriault?. Youth Marshall: KennyCooley?; Grand Marshall: MagicProject?.
Notably absent from the venues during this Pride Week was TheCompanyHouse - probably partly due to being owned and staffed by straights, but also due to fallout from a trans etc. phobic comedy show in April (see the page for details.) The owners announced that they were closing a month later.
The AGM in 2016 for this year was very contentious in the field of racism and People of Colour vs. Jews vs. non-POCs. Here's a letter that MalcolmNorton wrote about the AGM and the press coverage of it.
Program here.
(Ross: No. 31)
Thursday July 19, 2018 to Sunday July 29, 2018! Parade Saturday July 21, 2018.
Chair: MorganManzer?; Ambassador: RobertWright
(Ross: No. 32)
Pride Festival is Thursday July 18, 2019 to Monday, July 29, 2019! The Halifax Pride Parade will be on Saturday July 20, 2019. Media estimates: 150,000 people. Ambassador: ChrisCochrane? / ElleNoir. Chair: MorganManzer?. EllenDavis? - Vice Chair and Communications; Paul Forrest - Secretary and Events; Jenna McNeil? - Treasurer and Marketing; Dylan White - Website and Design; Heather Baglole - Programming; Jess Smith - Education; Patrick Maubert - Health & Wellness and Elders. Staff: Adam Reid - Executive Director; iona Kerr - Community Logistics Coordinator, Youth Co-Lead; Bayleigh Marelj - Volunteer Coordinator; Nick Herrgott - Communications Coordinator.
(Ross: No. 33)

This page is part of the HistoryProject. Much info will also fall out of the GAEZETTE/Wayves Index Project. Here, we'll want at the very least:


1. pers.corr, DanielMacKay
2. TheChronicleHerald? July 24, 2005 A5
3. The Daily News, July 24, 2005 Page 3
4. email, JayThordarson to RaymondTaavel, June 23, 2005