2011 CommunityDevelopmentConference

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< * Story [http://wayves.ca/online/Wayves_2011_04.pdf on page 11 of the May 2011 Wayves Magazine]


> * Story [http://wayves.ca/sites/wayves.ca/files/online/Wayves_2011_04.pdf on page 11 of the May 2011 Wayves Magazine]

On March 18, 2011 and March 19, 2011, forty-five organizers of the LGBT community in Nova Scotia were assembled by NSRAP in a workshop series sponsored by the provincial Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, entitled the Community Development Policy Initiative. “The workshop is called ‘Collaborative Strategies in Community Development’ and the purpose is to bring community leaders together to explore community initiatives and identify common areas for collaboration through the principles of the community development policy,” said organizer RossMacDonald?.

The event was tagged, “A strong and effective LGBTQ community in NS,” and MacDonald pointed out that we are the largest minority in the province, larger than the black community, Gaelic or Acadian and yet, there is no office of LGBTQ Affairs in the provincial government.