2012 PrideCommittee Bylaw Changes

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> ==2012 Pride Committee Bylaw Changes==
> This page documents the changes to the Halifax Pride Society Bylaws which will be voted on at [
http://gay.hfxns.org/LocalEvents#2012-06-14 2012 Special General Meeting].
> ===Highlights Of The Changes===
> * In the Mission Statement, the definition of Respect no longer includes, "including those who dissent";
> * The maximum size of the Board has been reduced from 15 to 12;
> * Number of required public meetings per year reduced from at least four, to at least three;
> * An optional $10 membership fee defines who is a member, rather than how many meetings attended; and
> ===A Short history of the Pride Bylaws===
> * As of spring of 2012, the bylaws filed with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC) were originally filed 1999-06-10, and officially amended on 2001-03-12 and 2002-11-07. There's a link to these below.
> * On 2008-12-04, the committee approved a new set of bylaws ("the 2008 version") but they were never filed with the RJSC and for some reason they do not include those amendments
. The Committee has been operating under this version since then.
> * The committee made some amendments after 2008-12-04, which have since been lost.
> * On 2011-10-12, at the AGM, a set of bylaws were presented and tabled. See article '''Pride's Annual General Mayhem''' on
[http://wayves.ca/online/Wayves_2011_10.pdf Page 4 of the November 2011 Wayves].
> * On 2012-06-14 , the 2011 proposed bylaws were again presented
] in a community meeting (where the assembled people were again declared to be the members of the society) and most of the 2011 changes were removed.
> * In 2012-10 the amended Bylaws (
link below) were filed with the RJSC.
> ===The Bylaws===
> * [
http://gay.hfxns.org/pics/PrideWeek/1999+amendments_bylaws.pdf 1999 Bylaws + Amendments officially on file at the RJSC from 1999 to October, 2012]
> * [http://gay.hfxns.org/pics/PrideWeek/2008-12-04_Halifax_Pride_Bylaws.pdf 2008 Bylaws, approved, but never filed with the RJSC]
> * [http://gay.hfxns.org/pics/PrideWeek/2012-06-14_Halifax_Pride_Bylaws.pdf 2012 Bylaws, approved at the June 14, 2012 meeting and filed with the RJSC in October 2012.]

2012 Pride Committee Bylaw Changes

This page documents the changes to the Halifax Pride Society Bylaws which will be voted on at 2012 Special General Meeting.

Highlights Of The Changes

A Short history of the Pride Bylaws

The Bylaws