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< ; all day : Halifax Pride Festival


> ; All Day : '''HalifaxPride Festival'''
> : See the official line up at [].


All Day
HalifaxPride Festival
See the official line up at


3pm - 7pm
ElderBerries Intergenerational Storytelling Salon
Drop in for storytelling about Halifax's rich queer history. Meet some warriors who worked hard to make Halifax a Pride-ful place, and Ask Us Anything about what it was like, what it felt like, how we lived and loved and worked to change the world.
We'll have a slideshow that our elders can talk about, and a Human Library where you can talk one-on-one with someone who had a hand in creating the community that you now enjoy. Or, you can just sit back at the big table and listen to the old-timers tell stories about the good and bad old days.
The (Queer) Salon, epitomized by Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas in 1920s Paris, provided a safe haven for queer people to meet and more, to hear stories, entertain each other, and indulge in queer culture in a day when such love dare not speak its name. This event is part historical recreation, harkening to the Paris of the 20s, so integral in shaping the queer culture we know today.
At: the UniversalistUnitarianChurch, 5500 Inglis St.
Admission: free
If you're on Meetup you may RSVP to the Meetup event
9 to 9:30 p.m.
Under the Trees: Official Grand Opening of RaymondTaavel Park at corner of Barrington and Inglis
The Friends of RaymondTaavel Park and Halifax Pride will be holding a candlelit vigil and dedication ceremony in honour of 2SLGBTQ+ community activist Raymond Taavel on the corner of Barrington and Inglis, the site of the newly-renamed Raymond Taavel Park.
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