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< Halifax Public Gardens 2006
< Art Berry was born in 1955 and came to Halifax Good Friday 96 to start a relationship which only lasted a little over a year. He has made a few friends for himself and lives in a roominghouse in the South end of Halifax. Art comes from a family of 5 brothers and 3 sisters all in Yarmouth N.S.
< A. Art has been told by his doctor in time to come he would need heart surgery down the road. Art stated he made lots of mistakes(who hasn't)but he learn by them and move on with his life. Must say Art is a witty and outspoken person and leads to a good friendship at times.
< Hi Art., This is BillElliott I've touched up your page . Hope you don't mind. I see you from time to time. Either up and down SpringGardenRoad and remember talking up a storm with you at the laundry mat on Clyde Street. Anyway take care . Someday if I see you at the 2nd Cup will drop in to say hi. Bye for now, Bill
< Hi Bill, it' always nice to see you, you always have a smile.
< ArtBerry writes Feel free to view my space
< My 1st time in a gay bar was on a weekend Jan /96 after reading a copy of Wayves from a newspaper store in Yarmouth NS. then I 'came out' to family and friends' all went well.
< The 1st Gay Parade I was in was 1997,
< Hi..Its Bill ..Your page here is looking great. Nice to see your picture .
< ArtBerry write,Wouuld like to thank all of you who made my 51st an enjoyable evening
< Hi Art just a line to say helloooo..from GinaGibb
< Art Berry writes Over the past 10 years I have met a lot of nice people that I can call them a really friend and thats good because really friends are hard to find these days, some people are only out to gain for themselves if we allow them to. Thank you Wade, Ryan, Stephen, Heidi,JC, Reggie, Shane, Mike my room mate and Jeff for your true friendship over the past 10 years I love Halifax and look forward to another 10 years her in this great city.