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A support/resource group for Transsexuals and their significant others/supporters.

A new webpage is in the works...please stay tuned for more info.

Atlantic TransGender (ATG) was founded in 1995 by Jennifer Lynn after she moved to Halifax. She was in the process of coming out as a transgendered woman & identified the need in her life for peer support, but found none here in Halifax. Rather than wait for someone else to form a group she created ATG using the Internet as a means of contacting and bringing together the Transgendered of Atlantic Canada. Initially the group served as a means for Trans people all over the maritimes to find one another and come together for mutual support and social functions.

pic In 2001, ATG split into 2 groups. This was due to the divergent need of the Crossdresser and Transsexual components of the group. The Crossdressers split from ATG and formed a group called GenderExpressionsAtlantic.

Since the split in 2001, ATG has functioned as a Transexual support group. The group is now primarily used as a resource and peer support group. Anyone who is either questioning their gender that points toward transsexuality, or who is in the midst of their gender journey, can contact ATG if they are in need of support, or have questions regarding the transition process in and around Nova Scotia, Transsexual health care, ect.

Jennifer is also been active in outreach activities, such as speaking on Trans issues to university classes, giving interviews, and writing articles on the topic. Educating people about the reality of Transgenderism has and remains a key focal point for ATG.

ATG can be reached at