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< * Also - interview question - what was it like having a GayBusiness out in the boonies?


> * Interview
> ** Why a bakery?
> ** Why Head of St Margarets?
> ** What made you think that baking 100 gross of bagels a day would be fun?
> **
what was it like having a gay business out in the boonies?
> ** Did you have help?
> ** Were there some memorable regulars?
> ** Where did you get all the kitsch?
> ** What else

picPhoto by Gerrie Grevatt

JaneKansas' queer restaurant in Head of St Margaret's, 1991 - 1992.

How was it queer? Well, first of all it was campy. What should have been a dish rail a foot from the ceiling all around, was littered with every toy you ever had, plus every one you ever wanted.

Another queer element was a bulletin board covered with postcards from Debbie - from all over the world. Debbie had obviously gone on a very extended vacation and left Jane in charge.

The food was fantastic - good, solid, home-cooked food and tasty, healthful bread, and tasty pastries to stog your arteries right afterwards.