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< ; 2010-04-18 : [[NSRAP]] ''Gathering Of LGBT Elders'' at the CompanyHouse attended by 34 people.{{Email from Dan, 2010-04-21: Lynn Murphy, Matt Numer: Chair NSRAP, Anita Martinez, Debbie Mathers, Jackie McMann, Marion Divon, Bob Frederickson, Robin Metcalfe Cinnebang Thedi, Lois Lohan, Andre, Al Stewart, Mike Sangster, Howard & Hal, Gary Brooks, Angus Campbell, Larry Baxter Daniel MacKay, Randall Perry, Bridgit, Harry McGeen, Philip McLean, Lee Christophers, Lnicki, Sue, Jennifer, Bill McKinnon, Brian Mombourquette, Lisa, Lucas, Brenda Hattie NS Centre on Aging, Megan Sred, Juan Kelly.}}[[ Photo album of the event here]]


> ; 2010-04-18 : [[NSRAP]] ''Gathering Of LGBT Elders'' at the CompanyHouse attended by 34 people.{{Dan's notes from the event, available on the background history wiki.}} [[ There's a photo album of the event here]]


The ElderBerries

Are you finding club music too loud and too fast? Does it seem far too long since you saw old friends, or met new ones near your own age? You may be looking for a group like the Elderberries. The initiative behind this group comes from the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project's Elders Committee, and the Group’s objective is to provide a social get-together for LGBT people aged 50-plus while at the same time giving the group information and support on subjects specifically related to LGBT Elder issues.

All events are potlucks, so get out your recipes!

Events are listed on the Events page. Look for the icon shown here, or search-in-page for "ElderBerries."

If you would like to be notified of events, or have questions, email the coordinator at or Like them on Facebook.


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2009 - 2010
NSRAP gets a $10,000 grant from the Department of Seniors, to work on issues affecting LGBT Elders, especially those in long-term care.1
early history goes here. DanielMacKay says: as I recall this came out of an NSRAP project to reach out to the elders community.
April 18, 2010
NSRAP Gathering Of LGBT Elders at the CompanyHouse attended by 34 people.2 There's a photo album of the event here
August 15, 2010
Public meeting -- HistoryProjectTodoList: who called it? -- at Spencer House. Inaugural Board: LynnMurphy, HalWalsh?, HeatherBurke?, AnitaMartinez, DanielMacKay, NickHonig?, HugoDann (ex officio from NSRAP), Rick. Heather resigned shortly after, and we have no record of which Rick that was.3
November 29, 2010
one of the first Newsletters indicates that the "Committee" consists of LynnMurphy, AnitaMartinez, HalWalsh?, DanielMacKay and NickHonig?
April, 2011
April 2011 Report to NSRAP
April, 2011
September Annual Report
November, 2011
Publish the 2012 ElderBerries Cookbook
2012 ??
[Date uncertain] The Elderberries win the ISCANS Rainbow Community "Candle" Award. March, 2015: the physical award, a big piece of glass, accidentally was dropped and destroyed.
October, 2015
Annual General Meeting: the new Board is AllisonBrewer?, HugoDann (ex officio from NSRAP), LanceLockwood?, DanielMacKay, AnitaMartinez, KenSaunders? & JackWaller?. Lance, Ken & Jack resign a couple of weeks later.
November, 2016
WayneCollette? elected to the board


1. 2009-2010 NSRAP Year In Review and AGM, written by chair MattNumer?
2. Dan's notes from the event, available on the background history wiki.
3. DanielMacKay has fairly interesting minutes from this meeting