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< It was Gina who written the things about her relationship with Frank on here,they are now seeing each other and yes frank beals still goes to the hill for his night time fix, When well you ever learn Gina , you can do better,

Describe the new page here. I want all this off the drag queen page..someone is putting it back on the net.....i want my picture off aswell...thank you, Gina get new teeth,LOL

once it is writen, thats it, its on there unless dan removes it. why? did you not like the truth about you, guess you should stop running people down, it will come back to bite you.

DanielMacKay writes: not quite true. I don't have any more or less ability to add or remove things than anyone else. Here's how the wiki works: if someone writes garbage, someone else deletes it. If someone writes useful content, it usually hangs around.