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Summary: 2004-08_ISCANS_Impeachment


< In mid August 2004, IsCans began circulating notices by email and in posters in the GayBars about His Most Imperial Gracious Excellency, Baron IV JosephPenny. See IsCansTitles for an explanation of this title.
< Important Public Notice To all ISCANS members: Impeachment Proceedings
to be held
< regarding HMIGE Baron IV Joseph Penny
< Place: ClubNrg
< Date: Thursday August 26 2004
< Time: 7pm
< ----
< ==August 27th==
< 33 people, or over one third of the IsCans membership showed up at the proceedings, and a case was presented for and against JosephPenny. 22 of the 33 attending voted against impeachment, and so he was ''not'' impeached and served the remainder of his term as HMIGE. His membership in IsCans was subsequently declined for the following year (see JosephPenny.)
< ----
< August
2004: This page NeedsContent, that is, now that the event is over, it should get written into a historical document, giving reasons for the impeachment and what happened. The long rambling discussion complete with derision, threats, and weak-minded slagging has been moved to ImpeachmentProceedingsHistory


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