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< Another little tidbit or two for your amusement.... is *that* Jack Black?
< http://viral.lycos.co.uk/attachments/1153/LOTRtruestory.wmv
< Which one should you date? http://quizilla.com/users/rosiekins/quizzes/Who%20is%20your%20Ideal%20Lord%20of%20the%20Rings%20(male)%20Mate%3F/
< Does anyone even care?
< ''Yeah, that's why its in HumourStuff... because its funny. HA! ''
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< NO:
< If this goes, what next? Are we to abandon all traces of non-Gay-specific things, or non-Halifax-specific things next? How about things relating to Dartmouth?
< It's a small impact on the system, it's existence helps search engines to bring people to the site, it's entertainment. Without a compelling reason to remove it, why bother?
< * The wiki is a text database, and the LoTR secret diaries are text files of only a few kilobytes each. Adding a bunch (millions) of irrelevant, not-oft-edited files to the database will not increase the overhead of running the site by any margin percievable to the end user. The access time on a hash table is O(1). Keeping the LoTR secret diaries shit just adds namespace, which won't be noticed until someone accidentally tries to link to one of this set of pages by accident, and discovers pre-existing content. That's probably not going to happen, and it would be better years down the road for newbies to discover all the weird crap that people put up here in the early days. So, uh, NO!
< Agreed. The wiki is living and breathing, and should feature lots of stuff, not just things that explicitly say gay. And besides, the Very Secret Diaries are FULL of gay references.
< They're not gay they're just very open about their feelings! IT'S NOT WRONG! AIEEE!
< (also lolz)


> Category: HumourStuff

Irrelevant to Halifax per se but hysterically funny, here are the Very Secret Diaries Of:

  1. AragornSonOfArathorn
  2. LegoLas, son of Weenus
  3. BoromirOfGondor
  4. FrodoBaggins
  5. SamwiseGamGee(Sam)
  6. GandalfTheGrey
  7. PeregrineTook (Pippin)
  8. SarumanTheWhite
  9. GimliSonOfGloin
  10. MeriadocBrandybuck (Merry)
  11. RingWraithNoFive (One of the Ring Wraiths)
  12. GolLum
  13. ArwenUndomiel?

See Caissie Claire's full blog at http://www.livejournal.com/users/cassieclaire

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Category: HumourStuff