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< April 30, 2010
< Hi, I know that Keith (Mosher) Fudge is still active, but on a quieter scale. I don't know where he is now but he was mainly in Truro, NS for the last couple of months. I just got fleeced by him for under $5,000.00 and caught on in time. I was told he was Keith Mosher (from him) and only after I had him escorted out of my house by the local RCMP and found out my son/and my best friend had google searched and come up with these webpapes and others like this, did I put it together that this is one and the same man. He always was saying he didn't want his picture taken but I do have ones that were taken by me, looking at the one taken on Pride Day; adding weight, aging it from drinking and drugs and removing the hair I am sure this is the same man (what was on his head is a dull redish color as well as on his chest; and he had the scar on the abdomen). Can someone tell me how tall he was and if he had tattoos on his right arm? There are too many of the parts of his story that fit in here (too numerous
to mention right now) And no, the gay community is not the only target for him, so are single lonely women as when I met him he was portraying himself as a certified coach for training tractor trailer drivers. I do have a cell # but it is a pay as you go phone so he may have ditched it by now. I hope this man is caught soon and he will never pay enough for all he has done to his family and others that have the misfortune to meet him!! Fran White


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