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< September 2005: Hello Girl Friends..Its been a long time. I've hung up my heels for some time.. Maybe soon well get together for tea. Or for hell of it..may just have to find this old gal new shoes and come out for some cocktails or two.
< Its been some time though..Im not sure where I hid the old pics.
< In the late 80s and 90s.. I made a splash at the old [[Rumours]] on Gottingen St. I was taken in and became friends with PaigeTurner. Isn't Paige quite the gal? I simply miss her . Our girl talk. Especially laughing about the spanking .. This is a story I will share in the near future...lol.She taught me so much . Those days were quite the Girls night outs. My those were fun times..
< Have lots of fond memories..the fun times at the club.
< ----
< ==The Spanking==
< Hello Again my darlings.
< The spank you ask? Well my dears this happen when I was young and foolish. PaigeTurner and I and a few other girls were out for the night down to the ol Studiobar on Barrington Street. Its not there now but what fun we had there. It was a great place to go. Once in a while shows were done there. Well that evening the clock struck past midnight and the party was over.To get back to Paige's we walked up to the base of CitadelHill and walk around it and eventually to her place. This gal could have traded her heels to a good pare of sneakers . Then lo and be hold an angel appeared and a guy pull over in his car. Paige wave us all in. Then in no time we were back for a lttle make over if you know what I mean. lol. Anyway. There we were back at Paige's including the driver a blond fellow who was built like a football player. So the girls went off to the kitchen and here was I. Then To my surprise he tore off his shirt, dropped his pant and oops there went his undies. Then he went through a bag and a paddle came out and flopped it on the floor. This time Paige and and the others were in the kitchen. There was this naked man in front of me and he leaned over the couch. He said to me. " Ma'me pick up the paddle and spank me for I'm a naughty boy" lol. So my dear , I picked the paddle up and wacked him in the cheeks. While this was going on we chatted . He said that he was on vacation. And then out of the blue. I said ,"My dear..gee you must be having one wack at a time." and this time I gave him a good wack in the ass. Meanwhile Paige and my sister friends were laughing to kill themselves. Til this day we still laugh about it.
< Well theres the spanking story. Was I a naughty girl that night.?
< tea kettle is blowing must go and make some tea.
< take care til the next time. Bye for now, MissKelly
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< Well hello Girls,
< MissKelly writes: A couple photos of myself on a night out have been found. In the near future I hope add on here. CapnDan writes: ''Just email them to mailto:av231@chebucto.ca WITH a caption (who is it, what's happening, who took the pic) and tell me what page to put them on.''
< Til then Happy Holidays everyone. Have a few along with a spiked egg nog. MissKelly. lol
< MissKelly writes: hi CapnDan, About the Photo. I am not able to email it to you. I do have the photo though. Is it possible I can pass it onto you along with the captions? I don't have a scanner.Sorry my dear. Write me back to see what I can do.. bye for now, MissKelly
< CapnDan writes: ''Absolutely, get me the photos and the caption information - when, who, what - and I'll scan 'em for you.''