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< [ A New Fire Down Below ]
< A Fictional Short Story by : XXXXOVER


> ==A New Fire Down Below== A Fictional Short Story by : XXXXOVER

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< Chapter 1: Blaine Getting Ready For The Club


> =Chapter 1: Blaine Getting Ready For The Club=

A New Fire Down Below

A Fictional Short Story by : XXXXOVER

This a fictional short story. but it could be anyone, anywhere, anytime. The story is something I needed to say. The characters are made up from years of watching and seeing what goes on. Parts are personal experince and some are not. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The story is about being human and being gay.

Chapter 1: Blaine Getting Ready For The Club

Rolling my first doobie I wondered what new face would show up at the club tonite and will I get laid again. The smoke swirled around the room as I dance to the latest Madonna number getting myself in to the mood of the nite. After shaving what little hair that grew on my face and having a shower then getting dressed in my best slut attire another joint was rolled and a beer chaser guzzled down my throat.

Some of my friends finally arrived and we sat around smoking our pot and drinking while we made fun at who got what or whom the night before. Insults thrown around the room as to who is the biggest slut done only the manner that a gay friend can do to another.

Kyle and Tim are sitting over in the corner staring at one another sullenly, they have been together for about six months and half of that time was spent being mad cause one or the other wanted to be screwed at the same time; must be difficult being in love with another bottom ( two faces in the pillow and duo butts in the air ). Cassandra, my dear friend the drag queen " scuuuse me !!! " Female Impersonator " " lolled back on the end of the couch still EEE'd out from last nite, she keeps screaming something at the ceiling and laughing but none of us could figure it out and there was no sense in trying.

Robbie on the other end of couch pigging out on burgers and complaing how fat he is ( what a mess ) and Brian, the quiet shy type in the middle beside me, a little guy with glasses and a funny hat. I always had a crush on Brian but he never showed any interest back. After what seemed to be an eternity all soused and ready to go, the menage fumbled out the door towards the bar.

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