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1949 - January 30, 19911

StephenKimber? writes in the August 30, 2007 TheCoast, Does high school matter?:

Ah, yes, Paul Coulstring… I remember Paul too. He was funny, fun-loving, a better dresser than most of us, a good dancer too. There was invariably a gaggle of girls around him.
It isn't just that I didn't realize he was gay at the time; the thought didn't occur to me. I clearly knew there were homosexuals, I just never imagined I actually knew someone who was gay. I can't imagine now how difficult it must have been for Paul—and for others too—to hide that part of themselves from the world.
Although Paul went on to serve as a Halifax school teacher for 18 years—since he was one of my older son's favourite teachers, inspiring his love of English, I probably exchanged pleasantries with him at occasional parent-teacher functions—I only finally realized Paul was gay when I read his obituary in the newspaper. It was 1991. The newspaper didn't mention homosexuality or AIDS, of course, but by then I could read between the lines of his "longtime companion Ron" and the fact that donations could be made to the VG Hospital's hospice memorial fund. Paul was 42.
He was not the only one to die before his time, not even the only member of my Class of '67 to die of AIDS-related causes.

DanielMacKay writes on November 24, 2010: I created this page because Coulstring is mentioned in a short article on GaetanDugas submitted by MichaelNicholas? a couple of months ago, which I haven't published yet. If Coulstring was active in the community, this page NeedsBio and NeedsPicture and in any case is a part of the HistoryProject.