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< * Find out more at
< * Summaries of events (and all events in Halifax) are listed in LocalEvents


> * Find out more at Note: as-of late 2009, this site is off line with a ''Warning: mysql_fetch_array():'' error.
> * Summaries of events (and all queer events in Halifax) are listed in LocalEvents

Thank you to the members of Pride. This was the best and biggest Pride for Halifax, and we the Gay people of Nova Scotia owe it all to you guys and gals, great job, loved the commons party can't wait to see what you have planned for next year.

Halifax Pride 2010

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On the wiki, the page PrideCelebrations contains historical information about Pride. You can learn everything there is to know about the history of the gay pride movement from links on HistoryOfGayPride.

Photos from previous years


If you're coming to Halifax for Pride Week and need a place to stay, check out GayBusinesses for some B&Bs.

Q & A

Someone asks: Why is PrideWeek 2002 in July rather than June this year? CapnDan writes: for a change. We got tired of people complaining that it conflicted with Dundee Scotland, Toronto Ontario, and Broken Hill Australia.

Happy Gay Pride Everyone. Lets make this one the best ever.

Nov 2005: It would be nice if the pride website was updated, so people would know when and where the meetings are.

Pride events are all posted to LocalEvents. Sorry about the webpage update delay, but we are short on volunteers for that team.

You can contact me, DanielMacKay, at if you have any questions.

I like the new parade route, thank you for getting away from the hills (they are killers in heels) and the over crowded water front. Does this mean that the floats will be able to go the whole distance now.


Let us not forget what PRIDE WEEK is all about ... Yes, it is to show PRIDE in who we are and a celebration that we are people too. It is and always should be a time to remember those that fought for our RIGHT to be free and to be who we are. The people that marched on province house or city hall with signs of protest being photographed for all the world to see at a time when that was taking a big chance to be out or the people that spent countless hours fighting the legal battles in the courtrooms and in the legislative branches. The fund raisers who worked tirelessly to raise those needed dollars for the cause. It is a time to remember those that were arrested and jailed for what they did in their own bedrooms with other consenting adults. It's a time to remember how cruising became a part of our society because we had to hide in the shadows for so long. Celebrate and be proud that you are a human being but don't forget to take a look back at the past and REMEMBER.

Reg Giles