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< Supposedly the tallest queen in the city! From Cape Breton but now performs in Halifax, along with members of her Drag family which includes BoomBoom, AprilShowers, RoxburyInn and MadalynnAndrews!
< Her website was found at: but it appears the site
has not been renewed.
< !st runner up at MzReflections 2004/05, 2nd Runner Up in the QueenOfDiamonds 2003 Pageant and 2nd Runner Up in MzReflections 2003/2004 Pageant. Also recieved 1st Runner Up in the 2003/2004 MzGayHalifax Pageant.
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< AmberLynnWayves Writes: I met Selena
at Mz. Reflections Pageant on August 25, 2002 and what a performer. She isn't afraid to voice her opinion, and I love that. Her boyfriend is cute too. Drop in to say HI to Selena, usually at Diva Night with StudioXleNoir.
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< MadalynnAndrews writes: Selena you are truly a great person and performer. I am glad that you are in the family and always enjoy seeing your smile. xoxoxox
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< AprilShowers writes: Selena, you are fantastic. I've had many great times with you and I know there are many more to come. xoxoxoxox
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< RoxburyInn writes: Until last week, I thought you were the sensible one in this family. Must have been that wig. I have to say, it is an honour to be your sister. All the best. ~ Luv Roxbury ~ xoxo
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< AmandaBenzova writes: theres few queens in pageants that Im usually weary about, and you being one of them, you always pull out the stops, no one ever knows what your going to come up with next! I respect you very much as a performer and person, and hopefully we can let all the stuff from the past stay in the past and move forward
. I sincerely hope to see you out in the fall for Mz Reflections.. your past due!
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< Selina is rumored to be returning to the stage mid 2007!


> SelenaTowers' page has been removed at her own request.

SelenaTowers' page has been removed at her own request.