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> ===Locations To Add===
> (ideas from LynnMurphy, 2016-03-07)
> * homes of various AIDS-related organizations
> * place where Pride Parade now ends (various routes over the years. Good ending spot for the tour, too.)
> * Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management (where GAE/GALA records are kept - I could do a writeup on this. Perhaps NSARM could be motivated to do a display during Pride Week.)
> * churches : first affirming church? first lesbian-gay wedding? But lots of weddings before this took place in living rooms and were not registered anywhere.
> * Dal SUB - home of Atlantic Canada's first LGBT radio show (??) - still broadcasting? Kansas may know more.
> * remember a morning protest at the gates of Stadacona? Or was it the shipyard? But I forget what it was about....
> * Neptune : gay plays / plays by LGBT playwrights. Bryden MacDonald will know - I think they have staged one of his.

Halifax Walking Tour

July 2007 - under construction

Spring Garden Road

Barrington Street

Sackville Street

Gottingen St


Driving south from downtown:

Driving north of North St:

When the second Rumours on Gottingen Street was purchased, Radclyffe Hall was sold and the proceeds applied to the mortgage.

Locations To Add

(ideas from LynnMurphy, March 7, 2016)

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