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< Diversity awareness in Rural Nova Scotia
< On September the 26th 2006 a workshop specifically on Transgender/Transsexual issues in the Workplace took place in Rural Nova Scotia in a local restaurant called J&Ss restaurant and Grill, located in Upper Musquodoboit. Certainly a first for this community. While the event was small in numbers (6 participants) the enthusiasm displayed after 3 hours of intense discussion was extremely positive. DeniseHolliday formed Maritime Transgender Workplace Solutions Project for just this scenario. Taking the issues to the people on the street so to speak. Edcation of the general public is as needed as educating companies, says Denise. The local restaurant closed it's main dineing room for 4 hours
to allow this to take place. While the workshop raised local comments along with local awareness, the staff made sure the event went of without a hitch.


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