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10:00am - 2:00pm
Queer Baby Play Group
Calling all queer families with children ages 0 - 6! Join us for play time!
Parent(s)/guardian(s) can stay and play with their child or drop their child off with the child Care provider for a pay what you can donation which goes to the Care provider. The child Care provider is a volunteer from the queer community with experience in child care who has successfully completed a criminal background check. Please note this is not a licensed child care facility. The child Care provider reserves the right to ask anyone to leave, or have a parent/guardian pick up a child, at any point.
While the primary focus is parent(s)/guardian(s) with young children, we know there is a lot of love from within the broader queer community for our amazing families. We welcome people to drop by who are invested in supporting queer families, people without babies who are considering starting a family, people who do care work, as well as folks with older children to share experiences and wisdom, etc. We ask that this be a closed space for queer people only
If BIPOC families have ideas they would like to see happen in the group we will try to make those happen.
At the GlitterBeanCafe, 5896 Spring Garden Rd, Spring Garden & Carleton