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5:00pm - 7:00pm
LGBTQ Housing in Nova Scotia
Join us for a public conversation on LGBTQ housing needs
A look in greater detail at the unique housing needs of older LGBT folks. This 1-year project will examine the existing housing policy knowledge gaps in relation to meeting the housing needs of older (55+) LGBT populations and systematically identify existing knowledge gaps in relation to the intersection of key policy concerns of this demographic shift in Canada: housing and older LGBT adults.
Over the coming year we will be conducting a scoping review of existing housing policies in relation to LGBT populations, conduct a national online survey, and hold in-person community consultations
Want to learn more or to get involved with our national project? Join us at:
the Shirley Burnstein Hall, Northwood, Northwood Terrace, Halifax. Enter at the door at North & Northwood Terrace and ask the commissionaire for directions