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Courage Roundup 2006

August 11th - 13th CourageRoundUp? Open to all alcoholics and those affected by the alcoholism of others. The entire weekend includes fellowship, speaker meetings and workshop discussions of recovery topics in a relaxed and peaceful setting at 5500 Inglis Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Beacon of Hope is this year‚s theme. Courage is a small, intimate round up and always has been. It is the only gay and lesbian AA round up in Atlantic Canada, the only one of its kind east of Montreal. Registration opens at 5.00 p.m. on Friday, August 11 The cost is $30.00 Cdn ($ 20.00 if paid by July 1) Includes lunch on Saturday No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Supper (on Saturday) is extra - $ 12.00 (Estimate) - Pay at the Restaurant To pre-register, send your cheque or money order to: Courage Round Up, c/o 6 Campeau Court, Eastern Passage, NS, B3G 1J5 For more information, phone (902) 463 ˆ 7895, email or at our website at


Courage Roundup started in 1988 at St Peter's Church hall in Dartmouth and moved over to the UniversalistUnitarianChurch in Halifax circa 2000.

The Courage Roundup is intended for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people who are in a 12-step program of recovery from alcoholism or the effect of the alcoholism of others; however it is open to others not in the GLBT community.

We do not ask people about their sexual orientation, but most of the people who attend the Courage Roundup seem to be gay men or lesbians and members of Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon.. We have an interesting mixture of people from all over. They come from the Maritimes, other parts of Canada and from all over the U.S. People attending Courage have included visitors from British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New York City and many other places. The diversity of people who come seems to promote the strong spiritual experience many people find in the weekend.

The Courage Roundup program includes speaker meetings (where one member shares his/her experience, strength and hope by telling what it was his life was like, what happened and what it's like now), small discussion group meetings where everyone shares on a variety of topics (such as the AA recovery steps, gratitude, spirituality, sponsorship, resentments, anger, fear, prayer and many other topics associated with recovery from alcoholism), fellowship (where people get to know each other and share in small groups or on a one-to-one basis), an informal supper on Saturday evening, and a spirituality meeting on Sunday afternoon.

A roundup is very much like an AA meeting but it is larger, longer in duration, more spiritual and probably more intense. Gay and lesbian AA roundups have been held all over North America for 25 years or so. Courage is the only one in Canada east of Montreal. There are also hundreds of mainstream AA/Al-Anon roundups in Canada but the gay/lesbian roundups work better for members of the GLBT community because we have more in common than others do and can share our experience, strength and hope more openly without fear of misunderstandings and homophobia.

Organization and mounting of the Courage Roundup over the years has been an amazing feat. There are probably many gay men and lesbians in mainstream AA and Al-Anon in Nova Scotia but this roundup is organized mostly by members of one very small gay AA group, Live & Let Live, the only gay AA group in Atlantic Canada.

For more information, e Mike A. at or Bill M. at: mailto:billmckinnon@eastlink.cacheck our website, below.

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