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For places outside Halifax, surf up AtlanticCanadaCruisingAreas.

Here are some of the spots to look for quick and anonymous sex in Halifax. You'll find a variety of guys from students to sailors to married dudes to veteran gay guys -- something for everyone. This is just one way of MeetingPeople of course.

You'll want to check out CruisingProtocols to see exactly how you hook up with someone.

There is a whole separate page for OutdoorCruisingAreas.

Here are some for indoors:


There are risks with anything. Cruising area risks include:

  1. If you're in the closet (about being gay or about anonymous sex or about being monogamous) there are risks of being discovered.
  2. There is a small risk of violence in the outdoor places and possibly in the indoor places too.
  3. Some people count disease as a risk but that really has to do with the activity and the number of partners.
  4. At anything other than the baths, there is a risk of getting arrested.


The baths above are risk free (except for catchin' something.)

For places outside Halifax, surf up AtlanticCanadaCruisingAreas.

For big cities check


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