This is a glossary for local DragQueens slang.

June, 2006: when one blends cocaine and other powdered drugs such as E or K together and snorts all together.
Originated by MarshaMellow and RoxburyInn, means an unfavorable person place or thing. As in Used in the BurrrrrrlesqueSociety. Also click http://gay.hfxns.org/search=burrr to see more examples. ; Cant spe l:gurl cant spel 2 sav hr lyf
used to describe ones mood, usually a good, or drug enduced mood. "how yu feelin girl?" " delicious!"
As in one going out in drag for a night on the town. Ex: "So goin out in face again danite ? Yaaap!"
or Grund! Something very exciting and necessary ie. "Those boots are festive! They look great with that skirt."
Someone or somthing that acts sloppy or out of control. Ex: "Shes loaded again.. MESS!"
Most Necessary
Something good that you want or need. Ex: "MMmm that boy last night was MOST necessary!"
Most Unnecessary
Something or someone rude. Ex: "That bitch threw a drink in my face.. MOST unnecessary!"
Meaning Nope
oh hi
2004: special DQ greeting
OH N !
Means no! Ex: "Shes doing that number again, OH N !"
extended form of "puh-LEEESE".
Sometimes called stove pipes or smoke stacks, or someones chubby legs, Ex: "OMG look at the PIPES on her!"
Originated from Cherie Lamour and the tennants of Quiltville. Means Anything negitive. EX: "Gurl here hair is MOST quilt!"
Originated back in the Early 90's Late 80's, An Apartment Building on Morris street which is now renovated, where old school queens such as, Cherie Lamour, Felicia Felicity and Gina Gib used to live all together in. Current Quiltville has been now located in Park Vic in Naterz, Coady and grace's Apt.
Meaning Rude
Jan 2005: See Mess
Suna-suh Sunazim
say it when ur bored!(i.e. orginated from Simple life Season 1, nicole and paris are driving in there truck and start sayin "suna-suh" cuz there board.
Means Yes, or Yup (or Yap, if she's being a real bitch)