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Welcome to the RainbowCommunity for Halifax, Nova Scotia! (What's the RainbowCommunity? Click the link to find out!)

This is a collaborative work in wiki format. If you want to help build the queer encyclopedia for Halifax, learn how with TipsForContributors.


LocalEvents has everything queer that's going on in Halifax from entertainment and parties to meetings and workshops. StartingPoints is for new visitors to this system. RecentChanges shows which pages were updated in the last few days. HitCounter will show you what other people are looking at. System News (below) tells you about changes to the system, planned and recent outages. Official Halifax Tourism Site RainbowHalifax - the best resource for lesbian and gay travel specials and packages.

Arts and Entertainment Talent is the middle name of Halifax's GayCommunity. Check out:

ArtsVenues LocalEvents; and GayBars where you can catch DragPageants, GayEntertainers, DragKings and DragQueens in action. (For more information or to connect with these performers, visit DragCommunity.) - A great article about Disco and its origin Features And Projects Monthly Feature Page: Halifax PrideWeek Next Month's Feature: TourOfHalifax Big Projects on this system: DragQueens, HistoryProject, RegGiles (New Volume: The Return added Jan 19/07 ) Index Of All Pages On This System People And Places Ready to meet some of the fun and talented queers in Halifax? Find info on

MeetingPeople SocialGroups SportsGroups ReligiousGroups ClassifiedAds GayBars CommunityCentres GayDotCom, and of course IrcChannel LocalEvents What's going On In Town For local celebrities, learn more about our city's DragKings, DragQueens and GayEntertainers. Free Classified Ads ClassifiedAds - This page is for the advertisements themselves. For a list of places where you can place ads, see PersonalAds. Media WayvesMagazine; Halifax-based Atlantic Canada's queer newspaper Community Resources Coming out or just looking for someone to talk to or help you out? We have

GroupsAndServices - an extensive list of resources LocalResources SocialGroups SportsGroups ReligiousGroups AdviceColumn DragCommunity InternationalDragQueensAndFriends Info on STD testing in GetTested Info on SameSexMarriage There is a lot of info about queer culture, presented in a fun way, in SpeakingOfArticles. GayFinance - dedicated to issues around Tax, Retirement, Estate and Insurance for same-sex partners. ClassifiedAds The History Project The HistoryProject is devoted to painting a picture of Halifax's GayCommunity history throughout the years. Topics that you may have something to add to include:

CitadelHill DragQueens, DragKings, DragPageants GayBars GaeGala, GayHangouts, GayLine, HistoryPeople OtherBusinesses, the OverThirtiesGroup PrideCelebrations, PrintMedia and ValleyPride. If there is something else that you are an expert on, add it to the HistoryProject page. RegGiles has written lots of little vignettes of what life was like in the late 70s, early '80s. Completely Off Topic

ReligionLinks - articles about religion and queerdom AtlanticCanadaClothingOptionalBeaches HumourStuff including LordOfTheRingsSecretDiaries OddsAndEnds other topics of discussion Technical

RecentChanges Is an automated list of recently modified pages StartingPoints And AboutThisSystem explain the wiki and its objectives. GayHalifaxRequests To make requests or contribute feedback HitCounter Check this out to see what sites on the GayHalifax wiki are the most popular, and for more suggestions on where to start. System News 2011: No downtime yet. Older system news items can be found in SystemNewsArchive