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This page documents the history of Halifax's Gay and Lesbian Association, called at its beginnings, the Gay Alliance for Equality, and renamed to the Gay And Lesbian Association.

GAE owned and operated The Turret and later Rumours, which meant that there was always substantial amounts of cash for projects. GAE funded the GAEZETTE newspaper in its early years.

GAE/Turret/Rumours also funded the first 20 or so years of the GayLine.

Founded in the summer of '72. NilsClausson says "One of the first things we did was set up the GayLine"
GAE was incorporated in November 19, 1973 by: NancyBrister?, DonnaBurns? (Baker), TommyBurns (Laundry Worker), CarolButler (Housewife), StephenCalnen (Office Manager), NilsClausson (Student), JimDeYoung (Road Supervisor), JoyceGehue? (Student), AnneFulton (Teacher), DavidGray (Businessman - Self-employed), SandraHenley? (Cook), AnnMacMullin (Cook), TheresaRowe? (Assistant Manager), EdSlade (Accounting Clerk), and DianeWarren (Teacher). TommyMiller (Cook) applied and MichelRobichaud? witnessed. Address is Suite 207, GreenLantern Building. Also includes November 91, 1973 to July 27, 1974 "balance sheet" prepared by RobertStout?, signed by chairman ClemCormier?. 1 Front page of incorporation document.
Group ceases operations
October: re-established and beginning to raising funds towards a hoped-for community centre.
Chair AnneFulton, Secretary RobinMetcalfe, Treasurer DavidSeale2
AGM October 26, 1977: Chair: RobinMetcalfe, 1st Executive position: AnneVersailles? 2nd Executive position: DeneRoach. Turret Management committee, male: DeneRoach; Gayline Director: MikeMacDonald [that would be Father Mike] The other positions were undoubtedly filled by acclamation. DebTrask? became Secretary this way, at this meeting.3
AGM October 18, 1978: chair: ClydeRichardson, Treasurer: JohnMarr, Exec Male: JimMacSwain, Exec Female: KathyHarvison, Sec'y not reported in minutes, proably DebTrask?.
AGM November 17, 1979: Chair: ClydeRichardson, Treasurer: JohnMarr, Secretary: DebTrask?
DebTrask? writes: In August, 1981 something happened, and much of the executive resigned. Think it had to do with stacking meetings. I took over from EdThibodeau? as Chair, KathyMacNeil took over from JohnHurlbert as Secretary, and RandyKennedy took over from BarryHeath? - don't know what position. AGM October 21, 1981: Chair: DebTrask?, Secretary: KatherineMacNeil?, Treasurer: PaulHanson?, Executive Male: DonCormier?, Executive Female: Anne Versailles. A planning note for a GamesOfAtlanticCanada event indicates that 200 programmes were printed for the "GAE Mailout." Minutes of another meeting state a meeting in the "GAE Community Centre, Suite 200, Tartan Building."
In the spring we purchased a house on Macara Street for a Community Center, and coyly named it RadclyffeHall. It housed the library, and the two half time employees, and the GayLine.
Rumours moves from Granville to a large building that we owned - a testament to the fact that GAE is one of the wealthiest gay community organizations in North America, due to the fact that it runs the local bar, a business with revenues of about half a million dollars a year. Radclyffe Hall was sold and the proceeds applied to the purchase of the new building, which had space for commmunity events and meetings.
April 6, 1988: special meeting to rename GAE to the Gay And Lesbian Association of Nova Scotia (GALA NS)
AGM, March 15, 1989: President: RobertByers; VP: WilsonHodder; Treasurer: MikeSangster?; Secretary: GailWatterson?; Female w/o Portfolio: DarleneLevy?; Male w/o Portfolio: DougLapierre?
Program Coordinator: ChrisAucoin
President: ChrisAucoin
GALA eventually wound down and died with a bit of a bang during the ShirtlessnessDebate, and defaulted on its society registration on November 30, 1995. At the time the Registry of Joint Stock Companies listed president JaneVanKansas, vice president PamLeeming?, chair of finance MarilynLamb?, secretary RonMcIntyre, and director at large GaryWoodroffe. 4
February 15, 1995
Article in the Mail-Star announcing the bankruptcy with quotes from JaneKansas and LynnMurphy.

GeorgeMunroe writes: I was involved at the beginning of GAE. We used to meet in the old club in the GreenLantern Building which was run by DavidGray. We set up EqualityScholarshipFund for gay men and the first recipient was DonnieStevens?. These were heady days and we thought anything was possible.

picLord Nelson Hotel ca 1940 NilsClausson writes: There was a lounge on Spring Garden Road (called the CameoLounge, as I recall) that was frequented by gays and lesbians, but the GAE crowd hung out in the coffee shop of the Lord Nelson Hotel beside the Public Gardens. We often went there after meetings.

ShawnLamb writes: Among other things.... It is my opinion that GALA is the main reason for the demise of Rumours. DanielMacKay responds: Well, yes. GALA owned Rumours, and they died together.

Other Possible History Sources

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