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Guerilla GayFare

Early 2008: In an attempt to diversify Halifax's gay nightlife, local queers have started Geurilla Gay-Fare, a monthly takeover of straight bars. You can find out more at or on their facebook page or by following them at

Organizers: MelindaLively?, PhilanaDollin?, BenjieNycum


#1: February 29, 2008 @ Tribeca in pink Article about it in April 2008 Wayves.; #2 April 4, 2008 @ Boomer's Lounge; #3 April, 2008 @ Mosaic; #4 ROCKIN THE GAYBOURHOOD II; #5 June 26, 2008 @ Split Crow; #6: 120+ @ Fizz; #7: Fred & Gus' Pub; #8: Halloween dance put on by Girl'ish Productions at Coconut Grove; #10: 60 @ Maxwell's Plum in plaid; #11: CompanyHouse with DJ Motlette; #12: Aqua Lounge; #13: April 2009, Foggy Goggle
July 27, 2009
18" in the Monday Chronicle Herald article An unusual outing says a hundred queers took over Bubbles' Mansion with a quote from organizer JeffMyles? with a quotes from ScottYoug? and AlannaFelt?

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