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This page describes how to post events to the Gay Halifax LocalEvents page.

For Repeating, Regular Events:

For Non-Repeating Events

  1. Find the calendar for the month for your event in LocalEvents
  2. Click on the day of, or the starting day of, your event
  3. If there are no events for that day already, you'll get an editing window and you can just type or paste your event in. Otherwise, click "Edit this page" at the bottom of the page.
  4. Enter the information using "Style Tips" information below.
  5. You can preview what the page will look like before you save, with the Preview button.
  6. Once you're happy with it, add a small comment to "What did you change" box and your name in the "username:" box and click "Save".
  7. Click "Events" at the top or bottom of any page to see the whole events calendar.

Style tips

 * 7:30pm '''Hike Around The Citadel''' sponsored by GayHalifax; meet at the Wanderer's Grounds.

Multi Day Events

For subsequent days of multi-day events, just use few words describing the event, and a reference to the starting day in double brackets, for example:

 * 7:30pm '''Hike Around The Citadel''' continued.  See [[2006-09-20]] for details.

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