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picGlatze with Matthew Shepard's mother, Judy Shepard (Harvard University photo)

Co-publisher of YoungGayAmerica

; 1998: YoungGayAmerica web page FAQ says, wrote the ground-breaking essay "Why Queer?"

; 1998: YoungGayAmerica web page FAQ says, Benjie, Mike, and YGA (Young Gay America) receieved the prestigious National Role Model Award from Equality Forum, given to MTV in 2002

; 2004: Starred in JimInBold

; 2007: YoungGayAmerica magazine FAQ lists "YGA Editor In Chief, Mike Glatze"

July 3, 2007
Two articles in the World Net Daily about and by Mike, discussing his transition to an ex-gay through the love of God! Myspace blog about it here.