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picGlatze with Matthew Shepard's mother, Judy Shepard (Harvard University photo)

Co-publisher of YoungGayAmerica

; 1998: YoungGayAmerica web page FAQ says, wrote the ground-breaking essay "Why Queer?"

; 1998: YoungGayAmerica web page FAQ says, Benjie, Mike, and YGA (Young Gay America) receieved the prestigious National Role Model Award from Equality Forum, given to MTV in 2002

; 2004: Starred in JimInBold

; 2007: YoungGayAmerica magazine FAQ lists "YGA Editor In Chief, Mike Glatze"

July 3, 2007
Two articles in the World Net Daily about and by Mike, discussing his transition to an ex-gay through the love of God! Myspace blog about it here.

All i can say is that the religion has fucked up another mind. If the bible is so true then why do we have wars and different races. Didn't the world all drown when Noah built the ark, if so the why do we have white and black and asian, etc. If the people were all dead then everyone would look like noahs family and we would all be one colour. Hmmmmm i don't get this religion thing and don't want it.