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The Gay Over Thirties Society meets monthly on a Saturday evening (or sometimes afternoon in the summer) for a very fun pot luck social. The parties are held in a member's house or apartment, a different one every month except for a few regular's - Christmas, Valentine's Day, and one in July or August.

Most of the parties are in Halifax, but we also have them out-of-town, in Amherst, South Shore, and the Valley.

To become a member - or call 225-4092 or 455-8417, and leave your snail-mail address to become a member or get a first-time invitation to the next one Once you're a member, you get your invitation in the mail.

This is one of the GayClubs in Halifax.


August 1984 GAEZETTE mentions it. Has existed continuously since at least then - that's part of the HistoryProject.

HistoryProjectTodoList: should have some history of who was coordinating and when.

RegGiles writes: Jim Deyoung was coordinator in 1984 which is the year I turned 30... I told him I was 30, not dead !

Alladin13 writes Feb 22/06: Is this group active? I moved to Halifax last year, have e-mailed and called this groups 4 or 5 times, but have not received a reply. If the group is not active, the listing should be removed, and if it is, whoever is responsible for follow-up is not doing their job.

ChrisShepherd writes: The over 30's club was started in the fall of 1981 amidst a flurry of typical G.A.E. arguments.This one being over the fact that originally the group had requested ongoing funding.This was denied because the group catered to a specific group and the G.A.E. funds were accumulated from all different sources.The over 30,s group was eventually given a one time start up funding.