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Mid Seventies
MakingWaves with RobinMetcalfe and AnthonyWallace (and who else)
Mid Seventies
Apple -- HistoryProjectTodoList: interview AnneFulton for more info
Mid Seventies
Bob O'Neill writes: You might be interested to know that one of the first attempts to give rural gays in Nova Scotia some voice was a little 'Zeen' called "Boonies". I had moved out of the city to the wilds of the Fundy Shore and very much missed the fun I had at the Turret et al. I got a small grant from the GAE and set out with techical help from BobErtel, who was doing HaveYouHeard out of his apartment over Astroff's on Dresden Row, now Key Lime Pie. Using graph paper, rubber cement and Xerox, I produced FOUR (!!) issues and sent them all over the world. At one time the mailing list was nearly 100 people. I found interested readers through ads in "Have You Heard", The Body Politic" and "RFD" (which still publishes and has a web-site) I think I still have some of the original lay-out proofs somewhere. Most memorable contributions were art work and poetry by JimMacSwain. The first issue had a poem of his called "In Praise of Pink Toilet Paper" with the opening line: How soft it feels when after fucking, you wipe my ass with pink toilet paper". I remember that I tried to find readers through "Rural Delivery" (still being published) and the owner of that magazine refused to run the ad because he was freaked by Jim's poem! Anyway, the task of producing and mailing "Boonies" became so not worth it and it eventually it was added to the heap of other well-meant, but ill-conceived projects that emerged during those heady days of early Gay Lib in Halifax. [HistoryProjectTodoList: get dates from Bob on these issues]. EarthFurst writes: the dates CLGA has for Boonies is ", 1979" 1. For more specific dates I'm hopeful that a CLGA volunteer can tell you (CLGA website says CLGA has issue(s) of Boonies)
Mid Seventies
GaeGala publication HaveYouHeard and Pandora
Late Seventies
the GAEZETTE starts publishing sporadically: "A number of months has passed (is it 16 or only 6 or none of these?)" 2 as a 4-page 5.5" x 8.5" offset photocopied on white paper. DanielMacKay has all five 1984 issues, all eleven 1985 issues, all 7 1986 issues. Somewhere in there the format changes to photocopied or offset, 8.5x11, over ten pages, saddlestitched.
GAEZETTE goes regular with the help of KevinCrombie at the helm and DanielMacKay in production. DanielMacKay has all of 1988 except #1.
February, 1995
GAEZETTE gets renamed WayvesMagazine. See February, 1995 issue of Wayves. Why?
We were no longer connected with GAE
The "gay" part of the name needed to be expanded to the rest of the G/L/B/T/? community
We were tired of being confused with the Dalhousie Gazette.
ArcQuarterly? (Prince Edward Island) publishes the first of fourteen issues before folding in 2002.
BentVoices? (New Brunswick) publishes a few issues between July and October 2002
September: WayvesMagazine goes electronic under the guidance of Cam M
November: NxetMagazine publishes its first (and only?) issue
May, 2010: GazeMagazine announces first issue will be published in July. October 26, 2011: issue #5 announces that it is the last.
WayvesMagazine, GazeMagazine

Most of the publications are on microfilm at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.

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2. GAEZETTE #1/84, August 1, 1984]