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Sparrow was a gay/lesbian christian group, which met every Wednesday night at the House of the Sacred Heart Fathers near Dal. Organised by (Jewish) KenBelanger and his atheist/pagan partner RobinMetcalfe. The core of the group were United Church members with connections to AST or StJohnsUnitedChurch (Windsor Street).

Fr. JimCasper? or BrianMott would welcome the 12-20 regular attendees. In a basement common room we sould have a short devotional service, sing some praise songs, and then there was free-wheeling discussion of a diversity of topics. And food.

TerryParker writes on December 14, 2010: I believe the order was called “The Priests of the Sacred Heart”. The house was on Edwards St. Members were also Bapist and Seventh-day Adventist. I don’t recall there being any connection to AST or St. John’s but there very well could have been as Sparrow later met in the Chapel at St. John’s (to the north of the auditorium, and east of the kitchen). My understanding is that Father Mike started the group and it originally met at Hope Cottage. Then it moved from Hope Cottage to Edwards St. PeterRoss? was a name also involved with Sparrow at one time, and NormanMoulton?, BrianMombourquette, and NelsonHubley.

BobPetite writes January 29, 2012: Sparrow was founded by myself and Fr. MikeMacDonald , a Roman Catholic Holy Cross Father, in the early 1970's while I was chaplain at Dalhousie University and the University of King's College. Fr. Mike was at the time Director of Hope Cottage on Brunswick St. The group began having meetings at Dalhousie. When I eventually moved to be the Rector of the parish of Antigonish, Fr. Mike continued to sponsor meetings. The group continued for many years and I became a regular member again when I returned to Halifax to be the Rector of St. George's Round Church on Brunswick St. in 1980. Many of the members at that time were associated with St. John's United Church on Windsor St. I possess a picture of myself and Fr. Mike at one of our planning meetings in my office at Dalhousie.

BrianMombourquette writes September 5, 2012: Sparrow continued to meet for a number of years, and played a role in local Christian churches' struggles and discussions of queer life within the church, including the SOLM (Sexual Orientation, Lifestyles and Ministry) study by the United Church, and challenging the heirarchy's understanding of Christain values, including inviting Bishop Hayes to their retreat weekend held at St Peter's church in Dartmouth.

Weekly Sparrow meetings were moved from the Edwards Street location to the UniversalistUnitarianChurch's upper room (as members enjoyed pointing out - the disciples of Jesus met in an upper room for the last supper) around 1983 and were there for several years, before moving to the basement of St. John's United Church on Windsor Street. It was at this last location that the group began to fracture, and support fell away significantly. [HistoryProjectTodoList: more information needed for the final period.]

The appearance of Safe Harbour MCC on the scene in the early '90s subsequently filled much of the demand for a Christian support group, but Sparrow is remembered fondly by those who once attended 'religiously'.

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