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This is a collaborative work in wiki format. That means that you create and improve articles. If you can add some facts to an article, please hit the Edit this page link at the bottom of the page. If you know facts about something, and can't find it in the Encyclopedia, please write it!

You may want to read:

Don't worry about messing up stuff. The system keeps every version of every page, and changes get reviewed by one of the GayHalifax editors. It's very easy to fix boo-boos.

Editing Existing Pages

You will probably want to experiment with formatting and editing before you work on any established articles. That's what the SandBox is for. Visit WikiSandBox, hit the Edit button, and play.

If you're going to be signing your work, create your own page in MyFirstNameMyLastName (BumpyText) format. If you're a regular contributor, add your name to the list in GayHalifax.

To edit something:

Creating New Pages



There is none. Yes, any kiddie can barge in and delete lots of content, but they don't, and it's trivial to restore stuff. Don't fret about it; it's part of WhyWikiWorks.