History of WorstDates

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01:15 UTC Revision 3 . . . . WebsnatcherI have one...Years ago, I met a man at a certain bar, as the case always is, and decided that after a few drinks, I would go home with him. Everything was fine, until it came time to go into his apartment. He insisted that I go through the window, so as to not tip off his roommates to the fact that he had picked up. Foolishly, I agreed. The rest of the one-night stand ensued, and somewhere along the lines we got to talking about careers. He pointed out the fact that I still hadn't asked him what he did for a living, how he had such a knowledge base of the human body. After making me promise not to freak out, he revealed the fact that he was a mortician, and a professional embalmer. What was more alarming, was that he revealed the fact that he was called in to help work on my grandmother, who recently passed away. True story! Needless to say, the massage that he had been giving me was over, and I never really saw much of him after that!
12:00 UTC Revision 2 . . . . date? - I've had a few however, the worst was when I was very young (back in 1978). Getting into bars back then was really easy, anyway it was . . .