January 2004 someone writes: Still think that we can do fund raising just as well without the politics and divisions within the community that some in the organisation love to cause. Drama might be a better word for it. And what business does a straight woman have in the establishment of such a group? Curious minds want to know. I'll tell you why a "straight" woman was involved in the establishment of this group. When I asked several key people from the community in Halifax to help with the formation of the Society, I was told, it'll never fly, and you're just chasing a foolish dream. This was from very prominent members of Halifax's GayCommunity. When I asked the "straight" woman for help, she did exactly that. She did not question the request. Nor did she have reservations or doubt about the organization. And that's why we have drama...because of foolish questions like this.

Sincerely, NinaDiamonds

In response to the first email regarding a straight woman's involvement with the Court, I quote from our website regarding our purpose and mandate...

RaymondTaavel, member of ISCANS

Raymond - you are way too late in replying to the original question as a reply was already given. Plus quoting from your website doesn't mean anything when I was questioning her involvement from the start of the court in NS, unless the website was in operation from day one (which I doubt).

This is just another instance of bumping up an issue which was long resolved by the original reply. Though I am a bit sad that your name will now be associated with the few members of ISCANS who use the politics and drama to further their own agenda.

To the nameless respondent: Sorry if my reply according to you was dated. The quote from the website merely repeats was has been a guideline/mandate of the organization (based on our MOA and the International Court System) from day one regardless of when the website went up (which by the was four years ago when the Court was created). Its unfortunate you feel the way you do and that this is such an issue for you that you have needed to harbour it for four long years. In any event you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I will support your right to your opinion however disagreeable and narrow it may be. I proudly stand by this organization which I feel wants to do some good in the community. If I felt otherwise, I would not be involved rest assured. So associate away!

In the meantime regarding 'drama' and 'agendas' please try to not paint everyone with the same brush -- generalizations tend not to be really very helpful in creating solutions. Now if you felt you wanted to positively contribute something to the organization or your community I encourage you to do so and would gladly welcome your time and energy with open arms. This I suspect though may be a much more challenging task for you (it appears anyways -- and I would encourage you to prove me wrong) since it's far easier for you to sit back wherever you are and be an arms-length armchair critic. Sincerely, RaymondTaavel