CTFFR is a country wide organization set up to help bring together transexed/intersexed people from all over the country. We are also working to make our site a  place where people can find what they need, where they live [doctors, therapists, legal help etc.] Because we are a young organization we do not have the resourses to have people yet in each part of our country and as such it is quite imortant that more transexed/intersexed people are aware that we are out there for them. We also have our own listserve which allows for people across this country and other parts of the world to share information and supprts.

Canadian Transexuals Fight for Rights

C.T.F.F.R. has a vision of a transexual/intersex community that is bursting with pride. The time has come for transexual/intersex people to take back our history and celebrate our lives! When we work together as a community, our voices will finally be heard and our right to equally funded health care obtained. That can not happen if we allow others to speak for us.

Equality is within our grasp and power! Find out more by visiting List