While this is a strawman character, you can see how annoying the Confused Twink Script can be when such a beast is confronted with someone of differing tastes, like a ChubbyChaser? or someone with a FootFetish?.

You: "Hi there, age?"

Me: "20, you?"

You: "18. I sure am lucky you're under 21, you look cute and that'd be too old for me."

Me: "Really? I have no problem with older guys."

You: "Thats cool, its just sort of not my thing."

Me: "What are your stats?"

You: "I'm 7'2, 110#, bl, blue, 9"UC, you?"

Me: "About the same. Oh well."

You: "Oh well? What do you mean?"

Me: "Well, you see my nick? Chubby Chasers only like bigger guys."

You: "Fat guys? But they're so icky and smelly and stuff."

Me: "Not all of them."

You: "Why do you want a fat guy? You can have someone cute like me!"

Me: "Because fat guys ARE cute, for me."

You: "No they're not. They're icky and smelly and stuff. I wear Gap emergency orange clothes and have nowhere near as much fur on me. I'm cute. You should sleep with me."

Me: "I have gone with skinny guys before. Its not nearly as entertaining. They don't have bellies or anything."

You: "Well, I'm cute, you should try me."

This continues for several dozen iterations, getting increasily silly and strange, until one of us gives up. While this isn't an actual chat session, it could very easily be one.