In May 2004, Howard Solomon, professonal queer historian, had some suggestions for the Halifax History Project:

First of all - Keep at it!

We (in Maine) have made tremendous strides in getting people to contribute materials, think about programming, etc. the last year by being able to actually SHOW an actual display of some materials at Pride celebration, or in a local library? Focusing every year on a single anniversary or event or person to study, create a display about, etc. is something I would recommend highly.

One of the downsides of having an open-ended encyclopedia project is that it is encyclopedic -- without a specific focus people may be overwhelmed by it all, whereas a very specific mini project/exhibit can concretize people and lead them inductively into the encyclopdia in a very specific way: an anniversary for instance.

Are there any grad students, or undergraduates doing history research, at Dalhousie who might do a specific research project drawing upon -- and hence strengthening == the encyclopedia? When people can see that their history is really being used they really get excited, and validated ("Gee whiz, my uneventful past as a queer in Halifax really does have hsitorical significance!").