JohnMarr writes: Somehow, I remember her being Cathy with a 'C', but I could be mistaken - it's been a while. Cathy moved to Halifax from Montreal in the mid-seventies and became a member of GAE due to friendships with me and other members of the time. She was a tiny whip of a thing with a sharp mind, no room for fools and a tongue that would tell you so. She had a great sense of humour and great strength of character -- along with a vicious Siamese cat that was, thankfully, clawless. She had a tight circle of long-time and newer friends here, and after finding a life partner named Kari, moved to the Gaspereaux Valley area where they operated a successful landscape company. As of 2003, they remain there, but alas, I am told Cathy has been in poor health, and not having been in contact for a long time I can but wish an old friend well.