Messiah Project

The Messiah Project study group meets Mondays at 7:30 in Fairview, this month's topic is Prophethood and Messiah-ship is it relevant for today?

"You will come after the three Suns of Iran"

Call 443-4347 ask for Anne Marie

The Messiah Project is about finding your own Spiritual Power, ie. Messiah-ship, Prophethood. Essentially acknowledging that God gives each of us personal Spiritual power which we can use to help solve some of the worlds most pressing problems, not the least of which is solving our personal problems. Project Messiah encourages Sspiritual developement by researching religious texts from various religions.

I think the one thing people want to get from it is personal Sspiritual Power, an awaking if you will, acknowledging that we have more power than we think we have. Empowerment is key to the project.

As for Gay and Lesbian content it empowers them that they do count to God and the World and that they are major contributers to our society. The group acknowledges this by including discussions on personal power coming from a Gay and Lesbian background. The work itself is empowering to all regardless of sexual preferences or religious affiliations.

I do hope more people come to my group, see you there maybe.

Anne Marie 443-4347


; 2002: Founded ; 2009: Apparently defunct; e-mail no longer active.