Just got done watching an interesting documentary on A&E which was about the rampant use of Crustal Meth in US gay and straight communities. After seeing the results on this show about the effects on the users and those around them & knowing that this drug has many users in the Halifax gay community I can completly understand how the Halifax gay scene has gone to hell in the past couple of years. Want the gay scene to be fun again? Get rid of the meth and other heavy drug use.

I can't see the gay community being a whole lot of fun if you simply "get rid of the meth." You ever see someone having a nic fit? Multiply that by 20 and you have what the strung out meth heads will be like.

Let me understand this, you would say that meth usage is fine just so you don't have to deal with those coming off the drug? How fucked is that logic. This city has some issues just like any other city but the difference is that too many Haligonians simply refuse to face things head on. Sure lets sweep meth and other heavy drug use under the rug even if it is takin a toll on the community, typical pathetic answer I'd expect to hear around here.