A New Fire Down Below

Chapter 3: Tick Tock theres a fine lookin boi, mmmmm I wants some. I'm back over by the bar and Robbie and Cassandra are

doing a really bad rendition of " Stormy Weather " keeping the S & M ( Stand and Model ) crowd entertained. Some really

fine looking specimens are crowded around looking like they need something to do tonite and I am it. It's 2 am and the

clock on the wall says " Giddy Up ! " or you'll be you'll be home alone with the handheld. The 2 oclock cruise means I can

pick out a yummie on a scale of 10 and up and by 2:30 that number drops to a 5 but theres 30 minutes to go; 3am drops

that number down to a " nadda on your life " and we don't wanna go there...... yaaaaap. Looks Like Kyle and Tim have called it quits cause Kyle is over in the corner sucking face with Chris the coatcheck boi

and Tim is nowhere to be seen. Brian is gone too and the old guy is not in sight either....hmmmmmm. That must explain

that funny smile on his face all the time, he gets away unseen by prying eyes.

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