Rainbow Weekend 2005

Tatamagouche Centre (Nova Scotia) hosts the second annual Rainbow Retreat Weekend from Friday, November 25th to Sunday, November 27th. Building on last October's first GLBTT retreat, this year the focus is on nurturing healthy self-respect and love in order to be loving and respectful of others and loved and respected by others. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else."

In some respects, 2005 has been a banner year for the GLBTT community across Canada. Hard work paid off! We have broader and more equal rights. Similar hard work is required in self-care and nurture in order for us, as individuals, and our community to be health-full and meaningful.

Once again facilitated by Tony Burnett and Rev. Bob Johnson, the 2005 Rainbow Weekend is set in a Christian faith context.

When we talk about self-love and acceptance, and being loved and accepted by others, it will be set in the scriptural context of what Jesus of Nazareth taught and lived. For instance, what might the story of the Prodigal Son being saying to you about loving and being loved? Or, better yet, what does that well-known text of I Corinthians 13 ("The Love Chapter") say in a unique or particular way to GLBTT persons?

Since the evaluations of the 2004 retreat said so, the program in 2005 is going to follow a very similar schedule. Once again, we want to offer a gentle weekend of spiritual self- caring. There will be time for sacred silence, good meals (of course!), time for sharing what you need to share, time for socializing, use of the outdoor labyrinth (weather- permitting), lots of music and singing, time for yourself, rest and relaxation. The weekend facilitators will do all they can to make this a refreshing and invigorating experience. The weekend will conclude with a worship service, including Holy Communion, largely developed by the retreat participants.

The program formally begins Friday evening at 7 p.m.

Participants who need to arrive earlier can arrange with Tatamagouche Centre to have their registration fee include Friday evening supper. Last year there were thirteen participants from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. How about some representation from Prince Edward Island this year? Get the word out!

One of the options for the "Open Concept" time on Saturday morning at the 2005 retreat will be a workshop on liturgical song writing. This will be an opportunity to set words to music expressing faith and spirituality themes from the perspective of the GLBTT community. Interested? Bring along poetry you may have already written. Think about what themes * expressed in song * might appeal to our community when they are in a worship or devotional mode.

Tony Burnett and Bob Johnson are pleased to offer facilitation for this second annual retreat. Tony is a lay member of Wilmot United Church in Fredericton, New Brunswick and works for the provincial government in Fredericton. Bob is the minister of Wesley United Church in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Both are skilled adult educators and look forward to this retreat weekend for their own personal renewal as well as an opportunity to share celebrating who we are as children of God with others from the GLBTT community across the Maritimes.

Want more information? Contact Tatamagouche Centre (www.tatacentre.ca or 1-800-218-2220) to register or to request further details. You can also be in touch with the event facilitators for information. You can reach Tony Burnett at ABURNE2545@rogers.com or telephone 1-506-455-9440. Rev. Bob Johnson can be reached at robertj100@hotmail.com or call 1-506-527-3527 or 1-506-529-4178.

Registration fee for the weekend is $195 per person.

This includes full room and board, as well as tuition fees for the retreat program. There are some bursary funds available through Tatamagouche Centre for folks who find the fee more than their budget can handle. Register early! Encourage your friends to attend!

My apologies if you get this e-mail twice. I am using two mailing lists that I have not recently cross- referenced.

(Rev. Robert L.) Bob Johnson 37 Oak Court St. Andrews, NB E5B 2M3 (506) 529-3527 (w) 529-4178 (h) robertj100@hotmail.com "Friends share the joy and divide the sorrow."

Rainbow Weekend 2004

October 15th to 17th